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Full Time
Digital Marketing Manager


The incumbent will be responsible to manage all digital marketing campaigns launched by the Group and its subsidiaries in such a way that return on digital marketing investment is maximised in terms of qualified lead generation, conversion and brand equity. The Digital Marketing Manager will oversee a team of talented digital marketers and he/she will act as an expert in all digital marketing programmes.



    • Designing digital marketing campaigns in line with Group’s vision and strategy
    • Enhancing the Group’s brand equity through creative and impacting digital marketing campaigns
    • Effective planning and organising of digital marketing campaigns
    • Developing engaging content marketing strategies and tactics to reach target audiences in the most impactful manner
    • Grasping and satisfying internal and external clients’ needs in terms of qualified lead generation and high conversion rate
    • Creating synergistic digital marketing campaigns which reinforces other elements in the marketing communication mix
    • Balancing paid media and organic impact to reach defined target audiences
    • Developing a distinctive persona to help the brand stand out from the digital media clutter


    • Selecting the most optimal digital marketing mix to achieve set objectives
    • Choosing the right digital media platforms such as Social Media, Search, GDN and Mobile channels among others
    • Leveraging Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns to outcompete other brands
    • Launching Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns to enhance the brand’s ranking on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
    • Launching Google Ads campaigns skillfully
    • Acting as an expert of the most relevant social media channels such as TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter among others
    • Determining and managing the digital marketing budgets across brands
    • Scheduling and tracking of digital marketing campaigns in order to take prompt actions
    • Developing impactful marketing messaging which grabs audience attention on digital networks
    • Ensuring that Community Management is done effectively and continuously to safeguard and improve brand image
    • Organising resources such that results are achieved
    • Making sure that projects are well managed

Research & Monitoring

    • Ascertaining that social media listening is permanently done
    • Researching best practices and benchmarking with world-class digital marketing campaigns
    • Systematically being self-critical in the development of engaging brand contents
    • Monitoring the planning of digital marketing campaigns for timely launch and impact

Return on Digital Marketing Investment (RODMI)

    • Maximising RODMI for all digital marketing campaigns
    • Reporting on a regular basis to derive insights
    • Deep diving in the analytics of all campaigns with respect to all channels, interpret results and take remedial actions as well as learnings
    • Optimising the digital marketing budget to achieve campaign targets
    • Managing several digital marketing campaigns simultaneously without compromising quality and impact

Team management

    • Managing a team of skillful digital marketers so that they deliver outstanding campaigns promptly and with the expected return on investment
    • Retaining and motivate team members
    • Evaluating and coaching team members on their respective performance on a regular basis
    • Creating an open work environment which fosters creativity, professionalism and accountability
    • Ensuring cross collaboration with marketing and other teams
    • Encouraging innovativeness in campaigns, contents and digital channels

Experience and Skills:

    • Degree in Marketing, Digital Marketing, Communication, Public Relations, Mass Communication, Communication, Business Management or any other related disciplines
    • A minimum of 5 years’ hands-on experience in a similar role is strongly desired
    • Expert in Digital Marketing
    • Team management experience is preferred
    • Fluent in both English and French
    • Excellent interpersonal and collaborative skills
    • Focused on results
    • Exceptional time management skills to meet deadlines
    • Strong organisational skills and ability to handle pressure in a fast-paced environment