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Full Time
3D Modeler

Job Purpose:

As a 3D Modeler, your role will be to create 3D models’ architectural and interior assets that will bring our real estate projects to life.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Collaborating with the creative teams to understand project requirements and objectives.
  • Using industry-standard software to design, sculpt, and texture 3D models.
  • Ensuring the accuracy and quality of 3D assets.
  • Adhering to project timelines and delivering high-quality work on schedule.
  • Making necessary adjustments and improvements based on feedback from the team.


  • Proficiency in 3D modelling software such as : 3ds Max – AutoCAD
  • A portfolio showcasing your 3D modelling skills and attention to detail.
  • Ability to work collaboratively and adapt to changing project requirements.
  • A passion for staying updated on industry trends and techniques.